Tour instructions

Published on:2023-03-25

1、 Take a boat according to the specified ship number, and each ticket is limited to one person. Those who take the boat without a ticket, please take the initiative to go to the ticket office to make up the ticket.

2、 After boarding, you are not allowed to get off the ship or enter the vehicle cabin at will. Passengers who need to get off the ship (vehicle cabin) for important things, please find the captain.

3、 Smoking is strictly prohibited in cabin, corridor and outer deck.

4、 Please take good care of the fire-fighting, life-saving facilities and service facilities on board, and do not play with or move at will, so as not to affect emergency use or danger.

5、 Please do not enter the bridge, engine room, vehicle cabin, deck working area, crew living area and other places marked "passenger stop".

6、 Passengers are not allowed to carry the following items on board. If there are passengers on board, please report to the captain immediately for handling to avoid accidents. Contraband or inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and other dangerous goods that may endanger the safety of persons and property on board;

7、 Please do not gamble, play, dance or make noise in the cabin, so as not to affect others.

8、 Please consciously maintain public health, and put cigarette butts, waste paper, peel, packaging bags, etc. into the dustbin.

9、 Passengers with children, please take good care of their children and don't let them run around at will to prevent accidents. Please don't let children play with matches, lighters and other items that are easy to catch fire.

10、 When you are sightseeing on the deck, please do not cross the railing to prevent falling into the water.

11、 Please take good care of your luggage to avoid loss.

12、 In case of emergency, please dial 12395 or +867628783085

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