Wanlvhu Oriental International Hotel

Published on:2021-08-05

Location: the hotel is located in the beautiful national AAAA Wanlv Lake scenic spot, only 10 minutes away from Heyuan City, in the "two-hour vacation life circle in the Pearl River Delta", with convenient transportation.

As a leisure green hotel integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment, tourism, parent-child and conference, the hotel is located next to the beautiful national AAAA Wanlv Lake scenic spot. It is built near mountains and rivers. It has excellent natural resources and unique geographical location, covering an area of 278 mu. The main construction area of the Hotel is 170000 square meters, There are 1000 guest rooms in total. The newly decorated commercial and residential guest rooms are elegant and luxurious. They are equipped with landscape balconies to let you enjoy the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. 24-hour guest rooms provide all-round service and ticketing. Each guest room is equipped with international Internet service (broadband) to ensure smooth information and enable you to master the latest information at the first time. 

Cuiyuan Chinese restaurant, located on the first floor of the conference center, is an ideal choice for family dinners and friends' gatherings, which can accommodate 800 people at the same time.

Located on the second floor of the main building, borderless cuisine and Arsenal bar allow you to rest and enjoy delicious food at the same time; Buckingham western restaurant on the first floor of the main building provides international and Southeast Asian specialties.

The Oriental banquet hall on the second floor of the conference center is equipped with advanced audio equipment and can accommodate 1000 people. It is suitable for holding all kinds of large banquets, receptions, performances and international conferences. In addition, there are many conference halls of different sizes for small and medium-sized conferences, lectures, meetings, etc.

The business center located in the lobby on the third floor can provide telex, fax, express, secretary, translation, computer, printing and other business services.

The health preserving mineral soup spring from the deep underground, covering an area of 13000 square meters, has 38 distinctive soup spring pools. The spring water is weakly alkaline, rich in a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body, and has the effect of fitness and beauty.

Zunlong entertainment KTV and Zunlong SPA have a complete range of recreational projects, as well as entertainment and leisure projects of beauty and body care and recuperation.

The hotel can quickly integrate into the "two-hour vacation life circle in the Pearl River Delta". It is a large luxury resort hotel in northern and eastern Guangdong; As a rare modern Hakka style building in China, the hotel draws lessons from the appearance of Hakka folk houses. The front adopts a symmetrical form, while the side becomes an asymmetric shape with scattered heights. The buildings are uneven and the courtyards overlap. No matter from which point of view, it presents a simple, solemn and spectacular artistic style. The layout of the whole building complex is regular, orderly, clear primary and secondary, harmonious and unified, and fully integrates the characteristics of Hakka architecture.

Health and food enjoyment

Business and leisure travelers can enjoy a gourmet trip in a number of restaurants, bars and leisure halls of the hotel, or experience a full range of recreational projects, beauty salons and recreation projects in Zunlong entertainment club and Zunlong spa club. They can also go to the fitness room and luxury indoor and outdoor swimming pools to keep healthy.

Spacious and bright view room

Our 1000 spacious rooms and suites are equipped with modern furniture and a variety of amenities. The guest room is equipped with a landscape balcony, which can enjoy the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains.

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